Project Access of Durham County envisions every Durham County resident will have access to quality health care in an environment that fosters health and wellbeing.


Our mission is to improve the health of uninsured and underserved Durham County residents. We provide access to an organized system of comprehensive care and collaborate with community partners to address barriers to health.

Donated Specialty Care Network

PADC links people without health insurance into a local network of clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals that donate their efforts to help those in need. We serve eligible low-income, uninsured Durham residents who have specialty medical care needs.

Durham Homeless Care Transitions

The Medical Respite Pilot, which PADC helped create, expanded to become DHCT in 2016. This project helps homeless persons being discharged from hospitals to connect to health care, benefits, housing, and other supports.

Health Equipment Loan Program

PADC launched HELP in 2016 at The Scrap Exchange to recycle, restore, and loan for reuse durable medical equipment to any Durham County resident.

Community Health Worker Initiative

We collaborate with partner organizations to provide trainings and resources to Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Community Health Promoters (CHPs)

Each year, PADC helps 2K people receive more than 3K episodes of care from specialty care physicians and other providers. This care is valued at $5M. Our DHCT project serves 40+ homeless people annually. Through our HELP project, we lend 1K items of durable medical equipment during the same time period.

Our Outcomes

PADC Pie Chart
PADC Pie Chart
PADC Pie Chart


Together we have expanded the health care safety net to assure that low-income, uninsured persons are able to access timely, donated, specialty medical care. Accomplishments since 2008 include:

Project Access of Durham County Client
13,000 residents served
38K specialty consults provided
60K medications dispensed
$72M in health care donated
PADC client success
195 homeless people received care since 2016
PADC HELP Volunteer
4K items loaned through HELP since 2016