Health Equipment Loan Program

Now operational with appropriate COVID-19 safety measures in place
We recycle donated durable medical equipment, restore the equipment, and loan it for reuse by any Durham County resident who needs it. For free.

How it works: We accept gently used durable medical equipment, refurbish it, sanitize it, make minor repairs, and then loan it to Durham County residents in need. All personnel receive training from a medical equipment professional in proper sanitization, assessment, and making minor repairs.

We accept small equipment such as:

  • Tub transfer benches
  • Wheelchairs
  • Reachers
  • Canes
  • Knee scooters

Click links below for PDFs of detailed information:
Items Accepted/Not Accepted

How to Obtain FREE Durable Medical Equipment:

We need you!

In addition to donations of gently used durable medical equipment, HELP welcomes volunteers for two hour shifts on Tuesdays or Fridays. Please contact Amy at 919.748.1022 if you want to learn more. HELP also accepts financial contributions to support our efforts.


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Loaned 4,091 items to 2,746 individuals

Staffed with 6,110 volunteer hours

HELP volunteer

“In the midst of a busy day, an overwhelmed gentleman arrived looking for a knee scooter, shower chair, and orthopaedic boot to recover from ankle surgery taking place the next week. As we were giving him the first two items (but not the boot, which we don’t stock), a young woman walked in wanting to donate a boot. HELP connects people in beautiful—and sometimes unexpected—ways.”
-Gay Bonds, HELPer volunteer


Amy Armstrong, HELP Manager

For more information, call 919.748.1022 or email us.

Loans and Donations

Durham residents may borrow equipment or bring their donations on
Tuesdays from 10 am–2 pm and Fridays from 1 pm–5 pm. 

To borrow, please bring proof of residency in Durham County in one of these forms: driver’s license, other picture ID or voter registration card, utility or medical bill, lease or residency letter from a shelter or alternative residence, car registration, or a pay stub with the name and address of the borrower.

Where to find us

Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP) is located at:

4206 N. Roxboro St., Ste. 100, Durham NC 27704

Enter through the front door.

For questions about the HELP program, please call 919.748.1022 or email us.