Community Health Workers and Promoters Initiatives

We collaborate with partner organizations to provide trainings and resources to Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Community Health Promoters (CHPs). CHWs and CHPs serve as necessary bridges between their communities and important healthcare services. Through a combination of outreach, support, and advocacy, they increase health organizations’ capacity to deliver high-quality, culturally-informed care and grow their communities’ health literacy.

Some of our programs include:

Bull City Strong (June 2022-current)

Funded by the Office of Minority Health as a 2-year project with two goals: increase health literacy in Durham and increase knowledge about COVID-19 vaccinations. We have 3 cohorts of CHPs working to improve health literacy among community members by sharing information about managing chronic conditions and providing the most recent information about COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccinations. Learn More

Vaccine Equity Coalition (July 2021-December 2021)

Funded by the City of Durham and Durham County, our team of two CHWs and one part-time coordinator worked to improve access to COVID-19 vaccines in Black and Latino/x communities.  We worked closely with Back on the Bull to collaborate with local businesses and maintain a presence at community events.

Community Health Worker COVID-19 Response (September 2020-June 2021)

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) funded over 250 CHWs in 50 counties across North Carolina impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We employed four CHWs and one coordinator who took a broad approach to their community’s needs, which included: providing information on COVID-19 prevention, testing, and vaccination; identifying and connecting individuals to other community resources; organizing food distribution; and supporting testing events. They gained technical expertise in NCCARE360, pandemic contact tracing, and NC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Management System (CVMS).

Community Health Promoters Project (Summer 2020)

The Durham Partnership for Seniors brought together several organizations to ensure the most vulnerable residents in our community remain socially connected and access information on COVID-19 prevention and education. We trained and supported a cohort of 25 CHPs consisting of older adults living in senior housing and volunteering with End Hunger Durham, heads of household’s living in public housing, El Centro Hispano promoteras, CAARE: The Healing Center volunteers, and Community Health Coalition volunteers.